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Keeping your gate system pest-free

Your gate is outside and contains sensitive components that need to be carefully maintained, so pests can be a real problem. Your entire system is controlled by a circuit board, and a few ants getting inside it can cause the whole thing to shut down. Gate Repair San Marino recommends you pay careful attention to any insects near your control board, and if they’re persistent, a water/alcohol solution sprayed lightly onto the board can be a possible solution.

Keeping your gate opener free of obstructions

All electronic gate openers have a limit sensor, which senses additional strain on the motor and shuts the system down if it detects it. This is to prevent an obstruction, such as a branch, a shoelace, or a briefcase from becoming caught in the gate’s mechanism and potentially becoming stuck and clogging up the works. Make sure this is the first thing you check if your gate won’t open.

Manual gate or electric opener?

This dilemma would have made sense a few years back but today electric residential gate openers have too many features to ignore them. According to Gate Repair San Marino technicians, the new openers allow you to approach your home with safety and the gate may close on its own. You could also consider intercom installation because it would give you the chance to check your visitors with safety and quickly.

Tensioner adjustment in slide gates

There is a tensioner at each end of the chain in a slide gate and this tends to stretch over time owing to constant gate use. Gate repair experts in San Marino advise 'tensioning' the chain once in a while depending on how much it sags. If it's too tight, it will put a lot of strain on the idler wheel and the sprocket.

Buy from trusted gate companies

According to our experts, gates, openers, and parts should only be sources from trusted brands and companies. Although cheaper alternatives may work, their performance is not as reliable as those that have been tried and tested. Avoid wasting your money by buying your gate needs only from the trusted companies.

Changing accessibility for visitors

Basically, the primary purpose of gate is to keep your property protected from intruders. However, several devices are available to change the accessibility of your automated gate. Our experts can help you find the perfect device for your need.

Repaint a wood gate once every year

If you don’t want to use paint, you can readily go for a clear sealant. The point is to reapply the chosen protective product annually. Otherwise, you will leave the wood material exposed to the damaging effects of water. If water gets inside this porous material and doesn’t evaporate quickly, it may begin rotting and will compromise the operation of the gate.

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