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We have collected the wisest short answers to clear your minds about gate repair and service, different types of gates and openers. Learn how to create the right conditions for gate installation and find out whether your electric gate can actually keep intruders away.

Why is soil setting important in installing gates?

Gates should be well installed to avoid malfunctioning and accidents. The grounds where gates are installed should be prepared well. According to specialists at Gate Repair San Marino , several gate problems are brought about by soil shifting. The movements in the soil can cause posts to sag or shift and the alignment of the gate assembly usually are affected too. The soil often erodes and shrinks thus affecting the stability of your gate.

What affects access controls of gates?

Access controls of gates should also be monitored. Usually shortage in power supply can affect the controls and create problems in the operation of your gates. When there is shortage of power supply the gate would not function well or will malfunction totally. Batteries should be regularly checked and replaced as needed. Extreme coldness also has an effect on the gate openers as these openers tend to slow down, a battery heater is recommended.

Can en electric gate stop the entry of thieves?

The gate is kept tightly closed by the opener. However, its end can be forced to flex inside so that a person can sneak in. This is the reason why our experts in gate repair San Marino recommend the use of an additional automatic lock for safety purposes.

What's the most practical gate type?

Although the rolling gate is considered the most practical gate type for most homeowners, it will still depend on the space of your property. Sliding gates need space on the side of the fence but if you lack space, you might need overhead gates.

What kind of maintenance do gates need?

Our gate maintenance and repair technicians recommend an annual preventive maintenance routine for gates and gate systems. This is usually done in the fall. It is similar to typical maintenance service, which includes lubrication, inspection of broken parts, rust removal, and repainting or refinishing. This applies to all gate types, from steel to wood and wrought iron gates.

How should I maintain my electronic gate?

There’s not really much actual maintenance you can do with electric gates, other than oiling its chain belt and keeping its roller guides clean. The best you can do is to routinely test if the electronic mechanisms work, and report anything out of the ordinary to your repairman. This lets you catch critical problems before they fail; you don’t want to be stuck out of your home after a summer trip!

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