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3 Common Questions about Electric Gates

10/28/2013 Back To Blog

As technologies change, new products come out and everyday lives are affected by both external threats and personal decisions and actions, people ask questions. They are puzzled about the benefits of new systems and automatic home gate openers, doubtful about their own needs and want to make sure they are following the right steps for the maximization of their security. Here are three common questions about electric gates and their answers as provided by the experts of Gate Repair San Marino.

What material should I choose for my gate?

There are beautiful gates on the market made by various materials but it is not a coincidence that most people prefer wrought iron gateway. Iron is very strong and, thus, can provide excellent security while it will hardly erode over the years, especially if you take care of the gate, due to its pureness. On the other hand, steel is not a pure element and may rust much faster. Some people would also choose wooden gates, which are very beautiful but they would need more frequent maintenance check due to their sensitive material.

Should I get sliding or swing gates?

They are both great but it would depend on the space you have at your property. While sliding gates move on a horizontal axis, swing ones would need to open and close like regular doors and they require space. Solid sliding doors will have problems with damaged tracks or debris in the tracks while swing ones will put more pressure on the hinges. If operated manually, it would be easier to open the swing gate even with your feet if you're carrying bags but you need to make sure they are made of good quality because they are usually made of aluminum, which is not very strong.

Do gates need frequent maintenance?

They really do. If they are in good condition, residential gate mending must take place once or twice annually while commercial ones require more frequent care. Don't forget that as owners, you are obliged to meet official regulations and ensure safe operation but gates also need service due to their constant exposure to elements. If they have a difficulty opening or the automatic gate not shutting right, you would jeopardize your security if you don't care of the necessary repairs right away.

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